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Ericsson MX-ONE™- Telephony Switch - the distant exchange with the most modern opportunities of ensuring mobility constructed completely on IP technology. This system — - the full-function solution of communication for medium-sized and large enterprises. It is constructed on a basis and has inherited all functions of automatic telephone exchange MD110.


Thanks to the unique distributed system architecture the MX-ONE™-Telephony Switch communication system is scaled from 50 to 50 000 users and supports more than 500 users on one independent block or the linear interface module (LIM). For implementation of almost unlimited scalability in large network environments it is possible to integrate additional systems in a network on IP or on normal means of digital switching.

The Ericsson MX-ONE communication system can represent configuration TSE or TSW options, and includes the following functional units:

• - - the Managing server of telephony (Telephony Server)
• - - the Payment ESU (the managing server in the form of a separate payment)
• - - Media Gateway Lock
• - - the Lock of Media Gateway Classic
• - - the Equipment MX-ONE Compact SM representing Telephony
• - - Server integrated with Media Gateway lock in one construct
• - - MD110 Stackable Lock
Depending on the capacity of system and a necessary set of functionality, the MX-ONE communication system can consist of any set of all listed above types of the equipment though the most widespread for modern Russian conditions should consider construct of Media Gateway Classic which is established in a rack of 19 inches. At the same time the general structure of the equipment has the name MX-ONE Telephony Switch (TSW).

In a case when the configuration of the equipment assumes use only of IP subscribers or the connecting IP lines with insignificant addition of analog and other subscribers, the system has the name MX-ONE TSE.

Practically any type of the terminal of the general access can be completely integrated into system by means of the available Ericsson Mobile Extension function. Besides, when using several terminals the user can be without effort provided by the same number by means of such new additional functions as a parallel call and display of uniform number.


One of key innovations of this version of a product is use of the SIP protocol for IP-telephony, both from subscriber devices, and in network main lines. In addition to use of SIP, the decision from Ericsson works with Microsoft Live Communication Server now that allows users of MS Office to look for and dial numbers of contacts directly from any document or the MS Office appendix. It is one more important step towards the unified communications. MX-ONE offers the enterprises ability to integrate systems of transfer of short messages and multimedia services with services of a high-quality voice communication and wireless telephony in the WiFi protocol.

MX-ONE can be implemented as completely new decision for IP-telephony, and as smooth migration existing UPATS MD110.

Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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