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LG GHX - 46

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Automatic telephone exchanges of LG GHX - 46 are developed for satisfaction of requirements on the organization of telephone communication in - small and medium establishments. This pass the automatic telephone exchange is executed in flat - the case, has the initial capacity of 6 city and 12 internal circuits and extends by adding of separate payments. Pass automatic telephone exchanges of GHX - 46 support system and normal unilinear phones with a frequency or pulse way of a set of number. The GHX - 46 mainframe includes: the host board, the power supply unit with a possibility of connection of the rechargeable battery, the call generator, the cross board.
The payment of an answerphone (GHX - 46 VAU4) allows to write and reproduce voice intelligences for use in the modes of setting of a summons for deduction (Hold), direct access to internal subscribers of system (DISA) and automatic / uniform distribution of calls in group of subscribers (UCD).


Technical characteristics of automatic telephone exchange of LG GHX - 46

The maximum capacity of external lines - 14
The maximum capacity of internal circuits - 40 -
The emergency battery - 24B x 30a. ch.
Overall dimensions - 547kh417kh135mm


Basic functions of automatic telephone exchange of GHX - 46

Number set of personal storage cells
Number set of system storage cells
Repetition of the last number
Call - back
Setting in queue on occupation of the external line
Programming of access to the external line
Choice of system / exclusive deduction
Music in a holdover mode
Transfer / readdressing of a call in system
Setup of detecting of the ringing signal of GATS
Access restriction to external lines
Mode of the universal night answer
Flexible purpose of incoming calls
Control of the external alerting device
Abnormal switching of external lines
RAVH code
Interception of an external call
Direct access of the external subscriber to system
Parking (storage) of an external call
Automatic distribution system of calls
Automatic inclusion of the mode " - the Monitor" -


Functions of telephone sets

Callback / indication of the notification on a call
The expecting call
Connection of internal subscribers
The choice of an answer mode on an internal call
Interception of an internal call
Indication of busy subscribers
Readdressing Director / Secretary
Indication of an alarm signal
Automatic search of the unoccupied subscriber in group
Programming of a class service of the subscriber
Registration of the protocol of external connections
Search call on internal and external zones
External search call on a public address system
Internal search call on a public address system
The answer to a search call on a public address system
Groups of automatic interception of a call
Flexible numbering of internal subscribers


Functions of external and internal circuits

Rated release of the external line (Flash)
Multi - line conference
The mode " - not to disturb" -
Number set without removal of a tube
Mode of shutdown of the microphone (Mute)


System functions

Different types of a sound signal
Choice of a tonality of the ringing signals
Registration of the personal password
Background music
Connection of the sensor of security signaling
Automatic connection of back supply
Emergency battery power supply of system / memory
Connection of the on - door speakerphone
Serial port RS - 232
Record of number in a cell of temporary storage
Indication of internal subscriber number


Functions of displays of system telephone sets

Time indication and dates
Timer start / stop
Indication of an external call
Indication of the expecting call
The choice of the message for indication on the display

Country of manufacture:North Korea
Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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