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Is the latest development certified on "-SORM" - and combining the advanced technologies capable to meet requirements of the enterprises the number of employees of which reaches up to 900 people. The modular structure - flexible accumulation of capacity of system by installation of payments and expansion units (to 3 blocks), flexibility and a versatility of system allows it not only to meet all demands made for today, but also by gradual upgrade of firmware to conform to these requirements in the future. These indicators allow telecom operators to use widely systems on the basis of Starex SC1000 as nodal. For implementation of functions on workplaces digital system telephones of the LG-Nortel series are installed



Capacity from 4 to 992 ports
The Internet access / Intranet (VoIP) for speech communication
Voice transmission over data in the IP network
Migration to call center with support of CTI: TAPI, CSTA
The integrated wireless communication: The DECT GAP (to 24 bases) -
Support of the digital E1 protocols with signallings - ISDN, - R2, - R1.5
Organization of corporate networks: ISDN BRI/PRI/QSIG
Connection with your data transmission network: LAN interface
Remote service -
Access control to telephone negotiations and payment monitoring
Hotel service
Built-in notification
Possibility of duplication of controllers on especially important objects
Diagnostics of system


Technical characteristics

Analog internal circuit Length of a subscriber line at the AWG 24 cable - to - 6,8 km Loop resistance - - 1,200 Ohms. A chain of protection against an overload on current/tension Tension -54 V the Consumed current 30 mA
Digital internal circuit (DSLC-LGP) Length of a subscriber line at the AWG 24 cable - to 800 m Tension -54 V
Digital internal circuit (DSLC-LKD) Length of a subscriber line at the AWG 24 cable - to 300 m Tension - +27 V -

Requirements to environment

Classification ormalny conditions Optimal conditions
Temperature  - 15 ° - WITH ~ 70 ° - WITH 20 ° - WITH ~ 25 ° - WITH
Humidity 10 ~ 95% 25 ~ 70%


Name Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
Main rack


450 610
Rack of I ~ II 985 450 610
Rack of I ~ III 1460 450 610
Base station of the DECT (GDC-330B) 170 220 57


Functions and opportunities

Sentry Timer and Avtorestart Automatically returns system in an initial status if in system there were damages during operating time.
Blocking of the Line The telephone set, whose tube long time did not lie on site, it is considered without number set. Thus, the call highway is automatically freed and a subscriber line the overload signal is transmitted. In this case the subscriber can use phone after he puts a tube back. However, in case of SP-100 if the loudspeaker is clicked up to a limited time frame, the signal of an overload is transmitted lines and the telephone set automatically reverts to the original state.
Different Sending of the Call Classifies a signal of sending of a call on long-distance calls and internal calls therefore the called party can distinguish them.
Immediate Sending of the Call and the Signal "-KPV" - In a case when the vnutreniy subscriber is called or calls other internal subscriber, immediate sending of a call and a signal "-KPV" - before a normal signal of sending of a call and a signal "-KPV is told"-.
Flexible numbering Flexible numbering can be planned on the basis of the requirement of subscribers.
  1. Number of an internal subscriber line can change within three digits upon the demand of the subscriber.
  2. Function code length 1 or 4 digits.
  3. "-" - "-or "-#" - can be used for other functional code.
  4. Access code length to the tie-line 1 or 4 of digit.
  5. The first digit in a function code the Internal directory number, the access code of the station line and Tie-line cannot be shared.
General/individual Abbreviated Call of Number Reduces the subscriber number which is often used for long-distance calls up to 2-4 digits long that can give advantages to the subscriber. There are the General Abbreviated Call of Number and Individual Abbreviated Call of Number. The first is used for all subscribers generally at function application, and the second for each subscriber individually at function application. However, Individual Reduced the Set of Number it can be used by the specified subscriber. The general Abbreviated Call of Number can be established for at most 1000 numbers, and Individual Abbreviated Call of Number can be defined at most on 10 numbers for the subscriber.
Individual Access to the Long-distance Line Assigns SL of each internal subscriber line which can make a long-distance call. By means of this function the subscriber connected to each internal subscriber line can occupy SL when he tries to make a call.
Service class Classifies all internal subscriber lines in separate classes, thus long-distance calls can organichivatsya. Information on restriction of each class follows below. However any information for use of the tie-line should be indicated each subscriber when forming system database.

Main classes:

  • Class I: Without restrictions.
  • Class A: Limits the International Calls.
  • Class B: Limits Outgoing Long-distance Calls for the Specified Zone.
  • Class C: Limits all outgoing calls.
  • Class E: Does not allow to give the answer to the entering long-distance calls.
  • Class *: The blocked Class (a class out of service)
Previously Defined Answer at night (PNA) Carries out Service at night which connects a call automatically to previously defined subscriber when the call is entering from SL or the call is connected to the operator so far the system is in the Status of Night Service. The number of subscribers who have the service PNA can precisely be defined at most 3 for group of Tenants of the Network of Switching.
  1. The incoming call for connection to subscribers of PNA needs special permission.
  2. If all subscribers of PNA are busy, the warning tone signal to be told to the following subscriber for information that the incoming call is present at the line.
Direct Incoming Line (DIL) When the incoming call is connected to the position predeterminated as individual restriction, the incoming call is directly connected through this function to previously defined line without the assistance of the operator. If vnutrennya the subscriber line is predeterminated as individual restriction, the incoming call is automatically transferred to other line connected to the same DIL group. However, if all lines connected to the same DIL group are occupied, the call is transferred to the first freed line.
(If all DIL lines are occupied, the warning tone signal which informs that the incoming call is in idle state, is transferred to other line, trying to make the following connection).
Automatic Answer to the Call When the line calls the internal subscriber, the system connects a call to the equipment connected to the subscriber and transfers the voice intelligence made from system to the subscriber.
Transfer about Damage of Power supply When in system the fault is created, each long-distance line can automatically be connected to special unilinear phone, thus therefore can long-distance calls ustanalivatsya.
Automatic Choice of the Direction In case of existence of the certain highways of a communication network connected between system of Intelligent (Button) Phone and system of Intelligent (Button) Phone of a destination point if the available path is occupied the system automatically selects a free path of a communication network and transfers a call to a free path. One system a maximum can have 4 elective paths. Also, in a case, when there is no directly the connected direction, the alternative direction can be selected. In this case, the alternative direction should be defined previously.
Signaling system of R2 It is one of the signaling systems used for installation of calls between source station and the entering station. This signaling system is implemented as follows:
Every time the source station transmits a signal, it confirms the signal answering this signal from the entering station and then sends the following signal. (some software should change according to each country as some countries have excellent specifications of signaling).
Automatic Operator On calls of the long-distance line it is possible to receive the answer by means of use of AAM (the Module of the Automatic Operator). In this case, when the external subscriber causes system, AAM automatically answers it and then sends the message. As a result, the external subscriber for installation of a call with the desirable subscriber can directly dial directory number.
Detailed Accounting of Cost of Subscriber Messages (SMDA) Outputs all information necessary for implementation of tariffing of all long-distance calls, connecting the PC or the printer to input/output ports of system. There are two types of an assessment of duration of a call: one is based on an answer signal from the long-distance line, and another is based on the digital timer which is put in action from number set by the subscriber. Using the digital timer of short duration, it is possible to be written even in case of several errors or a rejected call. In addition, the non-charge call can separately be provided to special subscribers. The system has two appearance of a data recording about a call, one of them can be selected upon the demand of the buyer.
Formatting of the Output of Different Tariff Information For formatting of an output of different tariff information, Hotels and Offices which are printed separately are classified.
Function of the Indicator of the Notification on Receipt of the New Call If the call is entering from SL while the subscriber talks, this function periodically transmits to the subscriber the warning tone signal for the instruction that the incoming call is expected.
Automatic Generation of Data When required license fees are inserted into slots during operating time of system, the system automatically finds it and as a result subscriber characteristics of the database in system change. (only for DSLS, KLC, VIPS, ASMC, NDTC, CDTC, DMFC, AAM)
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