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GSM gateway Sprut Universal
  • GSM gateway Sprut Universal

GSM gateway Sprut Universal

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Allows quickly, rationally and effectively to organize communication for your enterprise or the house. The main objective of the GSM gateway Sprut Universal — - to connect among themselves a GSM network and the line of city or office automatic telephone exchange so that to reduce expenses of subscribers at a call from one network to another and to have a number of additional opportunities. Use of the internetwork gateway sprut with mini-automatic telephone exchange allows internal subscribers of mini-automatic telephone exchange to get direct access to a cellular network and, on the contrary, to mobile subscribers to carry out calls directly to a local telephone network of mini-automatic telephone exchange (or a city network).
Besides, sprut is ideal replacement to the fixed telephone line if carrying out such line is complicated or it is impossible, in read minutes. Having connected the device to any telephone set or mini-automatic telephone exchange, you can accept and make calls through a GSM network.


Additional opportunities

Provide selective access, both mobile subscribers to a wired network, and wire subscribers to a cellular network, due to forming of lists of users in memory of the device -
Organize conference communication between subscribers of system -
Keep account of calls and subscribers: data on all connections made by the GSM gateway remain in memory of the device, it allows to receive visual reports on calls of subscribers, the reached economy.
By means of billing system you can easily simulate your expenses upon transition to other tariff plan of the mobile operator and make what decision the operator or the tariff plan is optimum for your structure of calls. Thus, using SPRUT UNIVERSAL you not only you reduce costs of communication use, but also you have an opportunity of full-fledged management and the tariffing "-corporate" - networks -
Connect security sensors, in case of operation of one of sensors dialing on 4 subscribers is made, the system by voice reports what of sensors worked -
Define a phone number of calling (Caller ID) -
Vestie service by the device of telephone connections between mobile and wire subscribers is carried out thanks to the firm ware. Flexibility of the software allows to configure Sprut by means of the PC, and also simple commands entered from the keyboard of mobile or wire phones. It gives ample opportunities of configuring of the device, forming of lists of mobile and wire users, purposes it of individual restrictions for access to a cellular and wire network -
Transmit facsimile messages through the personal computer (RS faxes) -
Transfer data in the modem GSM mode with a speed of 115200 dps.


Features of the device

The built-in GSM terminal -
Opportunity the user independently to update program providing -
An opportunity to perform tuning of parameters remotely from the mobile phone, from the telephone set which is Directly connected to the device from the personal computer connected to the device through COM or USB port.
What advantages you get when using the device
Decrease in costs of telephony by -1,5 times
Creation of the gateway between a GSM network and normal telephone lines
Connection directly in the trunk or mini-automatic telephone exchange port
Organization of temporary telephone lines
Installation as an alternative normal telephone line



Possibility of connection to 300 users
Built-in industrial GSM module
Intellectual system of Echo suppression
Work with all types of automatic telephone exchange and mode tone/pulse
Individual preference of parameters for each mobile subscriber
Possibility of splitting users into groups
Operation mode with function use "-conference" - at which the city line is not necessary
Base of prefixes of the black and white list of the allowed numbers (to 80 records)
Mode of callback of the mobile subscriber (Call Back)
Signal analysis it is busy (BUZY)
Number identification of phone of calling (Caller ID)
USB and COM ports
Transfer of RS of faxes
Data transmission with a speed of 115200 bps (Modem)
Setup and storage of all modes on the personal computer
Saving of information on all perfect calls to a non-volatile memory of the device (14240 lines), with the subsequent output to the PC.
Restriction for connection to lines "-VHOD LINIYA" - ", - VYHOD TELEFON" - GSM (" - conference"-)
Time constraint or total ban of the entering / outgoing calls
Prohibition/permission of calls to a long-distance network
Support of short numbers of a call (111, 112, 7771, 7772....)
Possibility of operation of the device with number extension dialing at the entering call
Readdressing of calls between subscribers
Possibilities of remote account replenishment of the SIM card connected in the device
Program volume control of the GSM gateway
Installation of time for a set of the first digit
Installation of an interval between a set of digits
Installation of a waiting time of connection
Individual passwords for each user
Protection against unauthorized connection
Control of four sensors of signaling or on/off four actuation mechanisms
Lack of a GSM background and high-quality voice transmission
Upgradeability of the version of a firmware of the device on the Internet


Options - applications

There is a possibility of connection of Sprut Universal - to - mini-automatic telephone exchange - to connectors - CO (the external line of mini-automatic telephone exchange) and - EXT - (an internal circuit of mini-automatic telephone exchange). Operation of the device with mini-automatic telephone exchange allows:
• - To subscribers of the GSM network to get access to a city telephone network on intra cellular rates.

• - Direct access of subscribers of GSM to internal circuits of mini-automatic telephone exchange on intra cellular rates.

• - Access for internal subscribers of mini-automatic telephone exchange to the GSM network (a set of mobile and long-distance numbers through a packet "-Unlimited"-).

Advantages of use of GSM gateways

At calls of mobile subscribers to office:
• - Calls to office are paid for intra network rates of GSM operators which are lower than the cost of calls through the city telephone line -
• - Mobile subscribers can use the function "-Callback" - (CallBack) which allows to lower to zero costs of communication with office -
• - Mobile subscribers have a possibility of access to functions of automatic telephone exchange. Having called from the mobile phone by means of tone extension dialing, it is possible to connect to any internal subscriber of automatic telephone exchange or to get access to intercity communication lines.
 - At calls from office:
• - Calls in a cellular network via the GSM gateway do not occupy city connecting lines of automatic telephone exchange -
• - Mobile subscribers do not pay for the incoming calls arriving to them from the staff of office via the GSM gateway -

• - The cost of a call of the mobile subscriber is minimum since connection happens on intra network rates of GSM operators.

Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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