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Payment of the record Phobos A8
  • Payment of the record Phobos A8

Payment of the record Phobos A8

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Vocord A8 is a payment for input of analog audiosignals. Carries out digitization, compression of audioinformation and detecting of a condition of sources of signals. Supports the tire PCI 2.3, the Bus Master mode.



The payment is used in multichannel systems of registration of audioinformation for record of signals from analog phone lines, microphones and other linear exits.



The payment of VOCORD A8 is executed on mezzanine technology and consists of the main payment and the mezzanine module. The main payment and an attic support 4 interfaces that allows to create flexibly scalable systems of record with a capacity from 4 to 128 channels on the basis of VOCORD A8.

Distinctive feature of Vocord A8 is high quality of the linear interface. With a frequency of sampling of 8 kHz signal/noise makes a ratio 78 dB. Hardware compression of a sound significantly reduces loading of the central processor and allows to create multipurpose and highly reliable systems of an audio recording.

With use of VOCORD A8 and the corresponding software of the company "-Vokord Telecom" - can be realized the demodulator and the decoder of fax transfers.



Parameter Characteristics
Number of channels 8
Quantity of payments in the system unit 16 (at most)
Telephone interface  -
Type Two-wire
Entrance resistance (at parallel connection) 1 megohms
Frequency range:  -
at 8 kHz 300-3500 Hz
at 16 kHz 300-7000 Hz
at 32 kHz 300-13000 Hz
Input connector DB25
Analog interface  -
Sampling frequency (quantization of 16 bits) 8,16,32 kHz
Preamplifier of an entrance signal (with a step 1.5 dB) To 22.5 dB
Ratio signal/noise 78 dB
Coefficients:  -
Harmonious components - 75
Intermodulation components - 70
Voltage measurement of the line (with a frequency of updating of 200 Hz) ±-200 In with an accuracy of 0.2 V
Audiosignal amplitude To ±-7B
The maximum amplitude of the signal transmitted to the line (the speech, inquiry of AOH, tones) +3 dB
Galvanic isolation More than 1000 V
Suppression of an inphase signal 80 dB
Processing of a sound  -
Depth to ARE (it is adjusted programmatically) To 18 dB
Compression of the speech G.711, GSM 6.10
Detecting of a calling signal (in the range from 16.7 to 100 Hz) From 20 V
Support of electret microphones  -
Food 5 B
Resistance 1 kOhm
Entrance type Symmetric -
The detector the modem - and fax transfers Т.30, Fax SuperG3
T.4, T.6, V.21, V.8bis, V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V34 (to 33600 bits/sec.)
Determinant of number of the removed subscriber AON (active or passive modes), CALLER ID
Computer interface  -
PCI – the tire (with a frequency of 32 MHz) PCI 2.2 Bus Master 32 of bits
Form factor PCI Half Size (150х106 mm)
Power supply  -
+5 VDC Less than 300 ma
±-12 VDC +12 V – less than 200 ma,-12 V – 0 ma
Temperatures  -
Works From 0 ° - C to +50 ° - C
Storages From -20 ° - C to +70 ° - C
Humidity From 8 to 80%
System requirements  -
° C Windows 2000/XP/2003
Memory 128 MB

Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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