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Payment of the record Phobos Pro 2E1
  • Payment of the record Phobos Pro 2E1

Payment of the record Phobos Pro 2E1

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Vocord Pro 2E1 is a 2/4-channel payment of monitoring of E1 channels, carries out input, decoding and information processing, supports the bus PCI 2.3, the Bus Master mode.


• monitoring of technical communication channels;
• computer and telephone integration (CTI);
• multichannel warning systems;
• creation of the virtual Frame Relay private area networks (VPN);
• channel-forming equipment for data transmission networks;
• мультиплексирование/демультиплексирование express speaker circuits and data transmission channels.


VОСОRD™ PRO-2E1 - a multifunction payment of computer-integrated telephony for work with flows of E1 (T1, J1) which can be used in the duplex and simplex modes. The payment is intended for work as a part of the computer of architecture of the PC, under control of the Windows 2000/XP/2003, Linux, FreeBSD operating systems and is delivered together with the software for these OS.

Additional functions

• Built-in jitter attenuator
• Completely independent paths of reception and transfer
• The dual HDLC controller on each channel
• Two elastic-store slip of the buffer of 2 frames in depth
• Program shutdown of the transmitter
• Detecting of connection/shutdown of the line


Parameter Characteristics
Number of G.703 ports 1,2,4 ports of 2048 Kbps (1536 Kbps)
Quantity monitoring ports 1,2 ports of 2048 Kbps (1536 Kbps)
Input resistance 120 Ohm
Galvanic isolation of input E1 interfaces More than 1000
Line interfaces
Full-function work from interfaces E1 (CEPT) PCM-30/ISDN-PRI
Setup for masks of a signal and synchronization signal for short and range lines Automatic
Coder/decoder AMI, HDB3
Synchronization signal design 16.384 The MHz, 8.192 MHz, 4.096 MHz, or 2.048 MHz synchronized with the network synchro-generator
Automatic fine tuning of sensitivity of the receiver (for E1) 0,-43 dB or 0,-12 dB
Programmable gain amount of a signal for the monitoring module 12 or 30 dB
Operation mode with automatic synchronization from the line G.703
Full compliance to standards ITU: G.703, G.704, G.706, G.736, G.775, G.823, G.932, I.431, O.151, O.161
ETSI: ETS 300 011, ETS 300 166, ETS 300 233, CTR4, CTR12
Signallings of CAS R2, R1.5, R1, SS5
Signallings of CCS QSIG, DSS1, ISDN PRI, SS7, MCDN
External interfaces
Bus H.100 according to the ECTF standard
The maximum quantity of payments on one bus H.100 20
The interface to a CCP
Data bus PCI 2.2, 2 independent Bus Master DMA channel
Data transmission rate To 132 MB/s
Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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