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Software package of Pathfinder Office
  • Software package of Pathfinder Office

Software package of Pathfinder Office

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Pathfinder Office


Software package of the Trimble company for planning, creation of cards and work with GIS this. PO is developed for work under OC Windows. The software includes all that is necessary for fast creation of projects. GPS the equipment Trimble is completely integrated with PO Pathfinder Office. Use of a possibility of planning and accumulation of data will allow - to increase productivity of data collection as much as possible. The editor of the dictionary of the collected data will allow to create the list of objects and their properties for transfer them in your GPS receiver for the purpose of the subsequent use during the work in the field. Objects can be quickly added, edited and placed in the database. Existence of the graphic interface allows to understand structure of data better. When using Batch Processor it is possible to automate process of differential correction of data. Information can be a schitana from the GPS receiver and is subjected to differential processing with the subsequent transfer to GIS or CAD system. At a conclusion it is possible to change image scale. An opportunity to use post-processor processing for obtaining accuracy in a limit of 10 - 75 cm, depending on the Pathfinder series receiver GPS type which you use. As a substrate the following formats can be used: DXF, BMP, TIFF, Shapefile.

Main characteristics


Post-processing of WAAS of data

Carrying out differential correction in case on a base station and on the roverny receiver various constellations of satellites were observed

Use when processing expanded filters on speed, on PDOP, on HDOP, on SNR, on a mask of a corner of an eminence of satellites over the horizon

Redata processing for achievement of desirable balance the acceptability – accuracy

Possibilities of the COGO module are improved. The reduction for dot object can be counted on the basis of input of a multiple distance or a multiple azimuth then reductions can be seen and the otredaktirovatyinformation about reductions is also displayed in a graphic look in a window the card

Investment of lines and areas in limits of other lines and areas during accumulation of field data with the help of PO TerraSync

Information which is contained in the Autocad files can be checked and updated directly in the field

The expanded list of base stations from which data can be loaded on the Internet and to use for differential correction. Now the list contains 400 stations. The list was replenished with referentsny stations UNAVCO and IGS

The utility of Updater allows to carry out automatic verification, installation and updating of the software on the Internet

The built-in option of centimetric processing allows to calculate the fixed decision on results of processing of the phase bearing. The option is available in a standard complete set of the module of differential correction Pathfinder Office now.




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Principle of operation:Electron-optical
Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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