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System of automatic control of a road situation VOCORD Traffic
  • System of automatic control of a road situation VOCORD Traffic

System of automatic control of a road situation VOCORD Traffic

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The hardware-software complex of VOCORD Traffic is intended for the round-the-clock automated monitoring of city streets and the highway.
The VOCORD Traffic system is intended for the automatic analysis of events, collecting statistics and identification of the vehicles (V) on highways and check-points. Images and the TS parameters, the related events remain in internal base or are located in the associated database. If necessary the system can signal about different events.

This system allows to solve the following problems:

• - detecting of road accident and "-traffic jams"-
• - recognition of the state registration sign of transport means -
• - measurement of motion speed of transport means -
• - detecting of violations of traffic regulations -
• - definition of types and classification of transport means -
• - collecting statistics of a transport flow -
• - broadcasting yielded and results of video analytics in the center of supervision.

Detecting of road accident and "-traffic jams" -

On the basis of the analysis of trajectories of the movement HARDWARE the system automatically detects road accidents, and also formation of jams and "-traffic jams" - and notifies on them the center of supervision.

Recognition of the state registration sign

VOCORD Traffic distinguishes the state license plate numbers of TS moving at the same time on several bands of co speeds to 200 km/h. Vocord Traffic allows to distinguish registration signs of Russia, the CIS countries, the USA, Great Britain, the European Union, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam, but if necessary, this system can be adapted for recognition of registration signs of other countries.

Measurement of motion speed of the HARDWARE

VOCORD Traffic provides measurement of speed of TS on the basis of the analysis of video data from surveillance cameras. The fiducial grid on the basis of the beacons set on the road allowing to tie images from the surveillance camera to the plane of the roadbed which is at an angle rather optical axis is applied to high-precision measurement in system
cameras (on the image). For increase of measuring accuracy the laser velocimeter or a microwave radar can be also used.

Collecting statistics of a transport flow

Information on each identified HARDWARE is entered in the internal database of the VOCORD Traffic system and is followed by results of video analytics: information on the HARDWARE type, its speed, a lane etc. registers. On the basis of this information form
reports on loading of the road, average rate of the movement and distance between the HARDWARE. The type of reports can be configured. Such information is used for the analysis of transport flows, automatic control and improvement of traffic.

Broadcast of the image in the center of supervision

If necessary, Vocord Traffic can broadcast information on digital channels of data transmission. Thanks to a shrinking algorithm of Stream Logic, video data occupy small volume and can be transferred through wireless channels of data transmission.


Detecting of violations

The following types are automatically detected
traffic violations of the rules:
• - the movement on a counter band -
• - exceeding of speed -
• - a stop in not put place -
• - the movement in the return direction -
• - intersection of the continuous line -
• - appearance of the pedestrian on the carriageway.

Structure of system

The following elements are a part of system:
• - video cameras -
• - the computing module -
• - software

Video cameras

The VOCORD Traffic system works with traditional analog video cameras of the PAL standard and digital cameras of high resolution VOCORD NetCam.
When using standard cameras it is necessary to consider that execution of all above-mentioned functions (except recognition of car numbers) requires installation of one survey camera on 4 lanes. At emergence of a problem of recognition of car numbers, it is necessary to set in addition on one camera on each lane. For ensuring round-the-clock work of system it is recommended to use black-and-white or color cameras of high sensitivity. At the same time follows
take measures for ensuring additional illumination in visible or the Infrared range.
The VOCORD NetCam digital camera differs from analog cameras in high resolution (to the 5th megapixel) and non-interlaced line scan. As a result for the analysis the image possessing considerably bigger detailing is used. Thanks to these characteristics, when using VOCORD NetCam installation of additional video cameras for recognition of car numbers is not required. For example, one VOCORD NetCam camera model 31C12L provides recognition of car numbers on the 3rd lanes.
VOCORD NetCam is issued in several modifications, including the cameras working with the infrared range (700-900 nanometers), differing in permission and a photosensitivity.
VOCORD NetCam is connected to the computing module via the Gigabit Ethernet interface by the UTP cable 5e. The maximum removal of the camera from the computing module without use of additional repeaters makes 100 meters.

Computing module

The computing module represents RS in industrial execution under control of OC Embedded XP.
During the work with analog cameras the module is completed with the payments of video of capture of VOCORD VE04 or payments supporting the program interface AV-Streaming.


The software includes client and server part.

The server software is established on the computing module and provides inclusion and video processing, database maintenance of the identified cars and broadcast of video data in a network.

The client software is established on attendant workstation and the network allows to work with system through TCP/IP.

Information is up-to-date: 15.04.2021

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